"AuraBalt LTD" new partnership with uniqe "SHINYEI" (Japan)

SHINYEI has created Crystal Fresh toothbrush for use withouth toothpaste!
"Natural ceramics" enable water to clean teeth.
Natural ceramics is a type of quartz schist produced only in Aichi Perfecture in Japan. It is strong and hs excellent abrasion, impact, heat, and chemical resistance. It also generates a vast amount of negative ions.

Crystal Fresh - safe and proven Japan-made tootbrushes support everyday oral care.

*Crystal MARINES toothbrush for kids coming soon!! 

Smile Line

"AuraBalt LTD" new partnership with 

"Smile Line" (Switzerland) 

We will introduce you with "Smile Line" products on exhibition "Medbaltica 2018" at Kipsala international exhibition center in Riga, Latvia from 27th September till 29th September.

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